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Gideon Belflower
Investment Strategist, LWO
Investment Consultant, RJFS

Gideon joined the Freedom Street Wealth Advisors team in 2020 as an Investment Strategist. Some of his key responsibilities include working closely with our portfolio management team to facilitate trades, help optimize portfolios, and conduct investment research and due diligence, all of which play a crucial part in our advisors’ and clients’ success.

The nature of his role could easily cloud his view of clients, but Gideon has a keen understanding of his position and a service-driven perspective that never wavers. His responsibilities revolve around the consideration of the goals that our clients are working to attain. He works with our advisors to help accomplish these goals through analytical work and a profound dedication to advancing our processes.

Both co-workers and clients know Gideon for his strong work ethic and honest nature. He recognizes that ideas and analysis are the guidance that is needed, but it’s the hard work that gets the job done. Gideon gained valuable experience at Charles Schwab as a Trader and Conversion Analyst before joining our team. He also previously worked for Samsung Austin Semiconductor as an Engineering Technician and began his career in the U.S. Army as a Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator/Maintainer.

Gideon earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics, and he is currently pursuing his MBA, both from Texas State University.

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Gideon Belflower

I grew up in California but left to join the Army just one month before my 19th birthday. Growing up, my family did all they could to make an honest living. I watched my parents work tirelessly to provide for my sister and me, but we didn’t fully understand finances the way that could have helped us climb out of the struggle. My parents always said each generation should advance further than the last, which inspired me to pursue my career today. This led me to understand how the system works and ultimately ended with finding a real passion for troubleshooting and analysis.

I am fortunate to not only have found a career I enjoy, but I also have a fantastic family. I now live right outside of Austin, TX, and my wife, Megan, and I have a daughter, Adeline, who is the light of our life.

I genuinely love to travel and explore the outdoors. Sharing the experience of travel with my wife has been a highlight of my life! We are both anxious for our daughter to grow to an age where she can truly appreciate the joys of travel and expose her to new cultures, experiences, and lifelong memories.