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Fred Reddel

After serving 26 years, Fred retired with Freedom Street Partners as Managing Director and Financial Advisor with a plan for his clients to have continuity.

Fred’s success in the financial industry was built on the foundation of trust. He originally began his career as the founder of a die cast manufacturing company which supplied parts to the automotive and appliance industries. As the success of his business grew, he saw his role change and found himself frequently consulting within his own company. During that time Fred also piqued an interest in the stock market. Not only was Fred consulting others, but he was able to see the positive impact he had on their decisions. The combination of Fred’s natural ability to advise others, along with his interest in the stock market, led him to his next career in the financial industry.

Fred focused on estate and succession planning to work toward the betterment of his clients and their families. The trust he established with his clients was precisely the reason he began in the industry – he wants to lead others toward success. Fred understood the impact of financial decisions, which is why he continued to advise with care, and took the time necessary with each of his clients. Fred’s expertise has given his clients confidence when planning for their future, and he was sought after because of his natural ability to provide sound advice due to his knowledge about the industry.

Fred Reddel

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have built a beautiful family with my wife, Janet, of more than 50 years. Both of our children are grown and have established themselves in successful careers. My daughter is an interior designer, and my son works for SAP Technology Company. Although our six grandchildren and three great-grandsons are spread throughout the country, we enjoy watching them grow up and spend time with them every chance we get.

When we aren’t with our family, we like being active in our church, getting together with our close friends, and I love playing golf whenever I have the opportunity.

Janet and I put great value on the pursuit of higher education. I graduated from the University of Arizona with a business degree, and I have been fortunate to give back by establishing a professorship in music at Valparaiso University in Indiana.

It’s not often that one can consider themselves fortunate enough to have a fulfilling career and a fantastic family to share the time and memories with, but I’ve been blessed to have both.

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